16 Jun

Whiskey is a spirit that requires an appreciation of the finer things. As such, it's best enjoyed in a refined environment one that celebrates the drink's history while also encouraging experimentation and exploration. In Anna, Texas, there are plenty of bars and pubs where you can enjoy whiskey in all its forms. Whether you're looking for a traditional bar or a speakeasy-style venue, these are some of the best places to get your drink on near you:

Whiskey Hatchet

The history of ax throwing as a sport is long and storied but has recently been modernized by Whiskey Hatchet. It’s a centuries-old activity that we have modernized to make it fun for couples, friends, colleagues, parties, and everything in between. We do this by providing instruction, games, and a world-class bar program. Ax throwing is perfect for an office party or company outing because it brings people together and gives them something fun to do together. Whiskey Hatchet knows how to throw an ax like a pro, so you don’t have to worry about safety or technique. Our expert coaches will teach you how to throw an ax safely and then show you how to compete against each other with three different types of axes. This lightweight hatchet will help build confidence when throwing your first few times around the target. The smaller head makes this ax easy to handle, which means less practice before getting good at it! 

BENDT Distilling Co.

Whiskey shouldn’t be pretentious, it should be delicious. We believe you should enjoy your whiskey the way you like it. Neat, on the rocks, with a mixer, in a cocktail your choice. And while we agree that straight is good, BENDT is better. Get BENDT your way. Our products are crafted to be enjoyed by those who don't normally drink spirits as well as those who are looking for something new and exciting in their glass. Our goal is to create products that not only taste great but also feel good about where they come from - our company was founded with a sustainable ethos at its core so we strive to make our products while minimizing our impact on the environment through responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices that reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible.

Barrel & Bones Carrollton

Barrel & Bones Craft Bar And Smokehouse is the newest addition to the Texas bar & restaurant scene. Our knowledge of Texas BBQ traditions is fused with exciting new culinary styles while honoring the tried and true methodology of smoking our meats. It's a difference you can taste. We also aim to educate our customers on whiskey history throughout the prohibition era. Bourbon process and distillation is an art that we want to share with the world. At Barrel & Bones, we use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. We use fresh produce from our gardens and local farms when available. We also work with local vendors such as our butcher shop and a cheesemonger who provide us with high-quality meat and cheese products.

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